The Program

California Dream Center at The Record Plant will offer the first post-baccalaureate program of its kind in the country. The key elements will include
  • A 9-month, accredited, post-baccalaureate certificate program. To be accepted, mentees will have to show that they have the experience, knowlCENTER, skills, and creativity to participate in an advanced program of study at a near-professional level.

  • A learning model and curriculum structure that emulate the real world’s entertainment industry and actually interface with it to give The CENTER’s mentees ongoing professional experience.

  • The curriculum will be composed of team-based projects that require individual mentees with differing but complementary skills to collaborate in a challenging environment.

  • Mentees will have the opportunity to have some of their projects considered for professional release or used commercially via an imprint with Sleeping Giant Music.

  • Access to current entertainment executives and artists.
Each of The CENTER’s mentees will pursue one of four tightly integrated tracks within the curriculum. The mentees will work collaboratively in small teams to complete creative/commercial projects while also receiving instruction in the final stages of career preparation. The teams will complete both weekly as well as semester-long studio and live projects.
  • Performance/Songwriting -The CENTER will only enroll performers who are also songwriters. Emphasis will be placed on staging, image, interviewing, networking, relationship with management, and collaboration with mentees from other tracks on both studio and live projects. Weekly live performances will be recorded for regular assessment.

  • Engineering/Production - Emphasis will be placed on artistic/creative aspects of the recording process to help students educated as engineers emerge as producers. Individuals in the track will work in collaborative on both studio and live projects with mentees from other tracks.

  • Business/Industry - Emphasis will be placed on embedding mentees within the music industry to provide a full school year of professional experience as well as collaborative work on both studio and live projects with mentees from other tracks.

  • Videography/Photography – The first educational program anywhere to concentrate exclusively on videography and photography for the music industry, the track will emphasize collaborative work on both studio and live projects with mentees from other tracks in addition to real-world apprenticeship opportunities.

Landmark Relationships

The CENTER draws its name from its relationship with still-active The CENTER musical sites located in Los Angeles. These will provide the The CENTER's mentees with an opportunity to work on special projects in locations that reverberate with the history of American popular music. Historic venues partnering with The CENTER include

           Capitol Records
Barbra Streisand, Beach Boys, Beck, Ben Harper, Eric Clapton, Frank Sinatra, Fun., Green Day, Gwen Stefani, Imagine Dragons, James Taylor, Kanye West, Keith Urban, Michael Jackson, Outkast, Paul McCartney, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Switchfoot, and Timberland.

East West Records
Rihanna, Maroon 5, Norah Jones, Foster the People, Frank Sinatra, Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Rage Against the Machine, Weezer, Audioslave, and Mars Volta.

The Village Studios
Aerosmith, The Black Keys, The Carpenters, Mariah Carey, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, The Doors, Dr. Dre, Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Guns ‘n Roses, Don Henley, John Hiatt, Hole, Mick Jagger, Aretha Franklin, Peter Gabriel, Marvin Gaye, John Lennon, Ben Lee, Madonna, John Mayer, Nelly, Dave Navarro, Nine Inch Nails, No Doubt, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Katie Perry, Frank Zappa, Rage Against the Machine, Rolling Stones, Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, Smashing Pumpkins, Snow Patrol, Bruce Springsteen, Steely Dan, Barbra Streisand, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Mission Statement

California Dream Center at The Record Plant grows from Grammy-winning producer Ken Caillat's Sleeping Giant Music Group. Its mission is to help exceptionally talented students of popular music and the related fields of engineering/production, music business, and music videography/photography achieve their highest potential as key to long-term professional success.

Primarily serving as a post-baccalaureate institution, it specializes in the final stages of career preparation through advanced training of mentees under award-winning professionals serving as laureate mentors within the heart of the music industry. Students and faculty engage as active co-participants in the educational process, with the The CENTER’s boutique size ensuring an environment rich in personal attention. The lCENTER name comes from The CENTER’s association with such historic sites as Capitol Studios, East/West Studios and the Village Studios serving as inspiring locations for its students to learn.

Quality standards:


Professional Instructors

Our professional, patient instructors offer courses in every aspect of the business.


Professional Studio

We're looking for a special location in California to fully fulfill their special talents in a state of the art product facility in California"


Professional Equipment

The facilities will be fully equipped for video production and online Internet broadcasting.

Caillat has assembled Grammy Award winning mentors to put the final touches on these fine students careers, giving them esssentially a “Masters Degree” in Performance Arts.

The CENTER will also offer a side door into the community to allow local talent to take advantage of the extrodinary educational opportunities.