The EDGE Music Residency Program at Landmark will serve as a special post-baccalaureate institution and provide other educational opportunities that will marry advanced academic training with experience in the professional music industry. The combination will revolutionize preparation for a career in the world of entertainment. Located in the heart of the music industry, the Los Angeles based academy will open its doors in 2015.

The EDGE grows from a partnership between Sleeping Giant Music Group of Los Angeles and Catawba College, a well-respected private college located in North Carolina. The campus will be located in greater Los Angeles, the heart of the entertainment industry, providing ready access to premiere facilities, top venues and industry organizations as well as virtually every important entertainment platform.

The Edges’s partners, faculty, and staff are experts in the fields of entertainment and education. These professionals will be joined by an important team of “laureate mentors” who have been credited with the highest awards in their fields. The mentors will use their expertise to guide a new generation of talented mentees as they enter today’s entertainment industry.

Key to The EDGE model is the creation of small working teams of mentees from The Edge’s four tracks to work collaboratively on creative projects in a manner that closely emulates the process found within the music industry. Beyond emulation, some of the projects undertaken by the mentees will be for consideration for possible commercial use by Sleeping Giant Music Group and others. Successful placements will provide mentees with important professional credits as they launch their careers.

Our Services:

Music Business
Development and distribution.
Music Production
Production and postproduction.
Recording Arts
Professional audio production.
Artist Management
Foundations of music theory
Show Production
Staging and
Production Management
Production and postproduction.
Studio Maintenance
Professional audio production.
Law & Contracts
Foundations of music theory


Announcing a major change coming to the world of Music and Recording and Performance arts.

Marin Music Partners, Ken Caillat (aka Producer, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, Colbie Caillat) and Catawba College, are pleased to announce the creation of the first post graduate school for exceptionally talented young adults interested in pursuing careers as performers, songwriters, engineers, producers and music industry professionals. The EDGE Music Residency Program at Landmark will be the first U.S based Finishing school, as a non-profit educational institution.